We at Innozic work hasmart to provide the best possible solution to our clients. We specialise in building dedicated technology specific teams, as per the project requirement and successfully executing the projects.

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Benefits of

Robotic Process Automation

Zero Human Error

Faster Turn Around Time

Cognitive Capability

Ready Bots


Automation Edge

AutomationEdge is an integrated AI-powered automation platform that automates both the IT and business processes effectively. Its advanced Machine Learning, NLP, iPaaS, ETL and ready bots capabilities delivers the best automation easily and instantly to our clients.

Pre-built NLP capabilities

Powerful NLP capabilities to understand conversations from various channels like email, chat, SMS, incident request, and call.

Self–Learning & Auto healing

Bots learn from human interaction and keep improving their knowledge repository. Also Powerful engine enables auto healing.

Universal Knowledge Search

Diverse Knowledge repository provides dynamic search capabilities, and in turn improves TAT.

Guided Automation

Guides user in troubleshooting critical tasks and issues. Faster resolution with zero manual error.

Machine learning for prediction

Appropriate classification of incidents using advanced ML Algorithms.

250+ Pre-built skills

250+ advance ready bots combined with NLP and ML capabilities like: Salesforce, software install and mail management skills


What We do For You

At Innozic we work to provide the best possible solution to our clients.

Save Time and effort

Innozic with Automation Edge streamlines your processes. We understand your business, discover repetitive tasks to make the path to digital transformation easy, effective and budget friendly.

Elevate Employee Experience

By automating low value repetitive tasks, your workforce is free to spend time on jobs with better returns. More than 250+ ready-made components in our Marketplace gives your employees more hours—in less time.

Ensure Compliance

Our robots improve compliance by following the exact process that meets your protocol and standards. Our detailed reporting tracks your robots performance, so documentation is always complete and at your finger tip.

Improve Customer Experience

With robots handling tasks, people are free to engage your high value customers. And by standardizing processes, the results are more efficient and effective.


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Happy Clients


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Giving Consultancy

RPA by Industry

AutomationEdge Offers One Integrated Solution with Diverse Usecases for all Industries

RPA helps banks & financial institutions increase their productivity by engaging customers in real-time and leveraging the immense benefits of robots.

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RPA in Insurance is a commendable technology trend, which can advantage insurers in designing a high-growth business strategy while reducing cost.

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Manufacturing is primed with opportunities for robotic process automation (RPA), which delivers huge gains in efficiency. Manufacturers already implement physical industry robots to assemble, test, and package their products.

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RPA allows healthcare providers to monitor and record each procedure phase in organized log files in order to meet external audit requirements.

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Automation in the Public Services sector has already started to show proven benefits, particularly in allowing administrations around the world to deliver better services for citizens and reducing their operational costs.

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