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Improve Shipping & Logistics with RPA

For a long time, the supply chain and logistics industries have been subjected to intense competition, which has driven their prices down and left them with little profit margins. Customers' expectations are rising at the same time, and they are constantly looking for quicker shipping, visibility, and notifications about where their shipments are at any given time. Without a doubt, back-office activities are critical to the logistics sector, as they handle a variety of critical duties such as scheduling shipments and deliveries, tracking changes, handling exceptions, and, most importantly, maintaining customer satisfaction.

Almost all back-office personnel must use computer software and applications to perform manual and repetitive procedures in order to complete these critical tasks. This is no longer the case, as RPA provides a more convenient and effective method of handling these tasks. By streamlining the workflow, not only are overall operating costs reduced, but operational efficiency is greatly improved.

Use cases of

RPA in Manufacturing

Order processing and payments

Additional activities such as manually entering customer information into databases, processing payments, and sending order update confirmation emails are often associated with order processing.

Shipment scheduling and tracking

Automate manual shipping activities between internal systems and portals, from the initial pick-up request to confirming and reporting shipment status. All machines do is extract shipment information from incoming emails, log jobs in scheduling systems, and provide pick-up times in customer/carrier portals.

Capturing, researching and closing out loads

Working with third-party carriers and vendors, such as couriers for less-than-load (LTL) shipments, is a great way to grow your business, but it requires different systems to monitor. The use of RPA, which can automatically scan the carrier's website and capture PRO numbers or invoice amounts, and then close out loads in a matter of seconds, reduces this cost.


Email communication allows for effective communication between the customer and the service provider. To uphold the customer experience, an auto-emailer and alerts will be sent via the system when the order is processed, mailed, or delayed.

Invoicing processes and credit collection

Payment after a task is completed is not always simple due to numerous procedures and steps that must be completed beforehand. However, an RPA bot would easily combine the systems to speed up the process.

Benefits of RPA


The output accuracy after RPA deployment is with good quality.


BoTs help eliminate most repetitive and manual work, executing it within seconds as compared to earlier.

Velocity and efficiency

The back office processes can be handled with reduced downtime, thus resulting in improved service level agreements.

Used for structured data

Increased productivity with fewer Full Time Equivalents (FTEs) dedicated for completing repetitive tasks


BoTs being deployed will ensure that the processes are governed by pre-set rules.


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