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Improve Manufacturing with RPA

Manufacturing industry always robots to assemble, test and package products. Having the robots streamlined their assembly line but the industry still struggled to keep back-office processes efficient and fast.

RPA allows organizations to increase the pace and reliability of processes in areas such as IT, financing, sourcing, and human resources. RPA can help minimize execution time and errors by automating tedious and routine processes like invoice preparation and data entry.

Use cases of

RPA in Manufacturing

Purchase Order Creation

It is a rule-based process involving thousands of vendors and can be automated completely starting from extracting data from systems, requesting approvals and processing the request.

ERP Automation

RPA Integration with ERP systems automates reports generation and processing. Processes like monitoring of current inventory, notifying on low stocks and reordering can be automated easily and effectively.

Customer support and service desk

With RPA, 90% of support queries can be automated. RPA can read a request from email or Chatbot, check system/ERP for the details and reply back thus reducing the response time significantly.

Data Migration

RPA is used extensively to move data from an old legacy system to newly replaced systems.

Web integrated RPA

Manufacturing companies use different systems at different locations generating loads of data that needs manual handling and processing. While deploying RPA in this area, A Manufacturing Industry can easily monitor, access and update any changes in the web-connected systems. Making otherwise incompatible systems to integrate.

Benefits of RPA

Enhanced back-office

Faster Customer / Vendor Support

Real-time reporting and data analysis

Error free business

Enhanced compilation with automation


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