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Streamline core insurance processes with Robotic Process Automation

Embrace Digital workforce and automate Insurance functions to gain competitive edge.

From accelerated claim processing and enhanced underwriting to eliminating human intervention in data handling, leading to improved customer satisfaction and retention, use AutomationEdge RPA to do it all.

Benefits of Implementing

RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

Streamlined data processes

RPA provides good end results giving high efficiency and error free data reducing money expenditures. It also streamlines claims processing by reducing the amount of time spent on repetitive processes and eliminating human-made errors.

Increased compliance

RPA helps in handling audits by generating detailed log of transactions, making it easier to track processes and compliances with regulations in place.

Non-invasive compatibility

The non-invasive design of RPA makes technology to be the perfect solution for businesses wishing to streamline their business operations quickly. RPA mimics human keystrokes and mouse clicks, communicating with the presentation layer in computer programs and applications.

Scaling with ease

The active RPA products can increase or decrease within seconds. RPA can be scalable to up or down the number of times used when the quotes and the number of insurance claims increases.

Areas RPA Used & Implemented Successfully

Policy Administration & Servicing

Customers are provided 24X7 support using AI chatbots, which answer their queries on policy status and payments, policy renewals.

Also RPA Bots have the capability to alert customers in case of pre-loss warnings based on data and guide for preventive repair and maintenance.

Underwriting and Pricing

Heavy Usage of AI and data analytics to provide insights to insurers for risk thus reducing chances of error.

RPA can analyze the claim history of reports from past years and provide the insights based on previous losses.

Claims and Fraud Detection

Claim Processing requires large amounts of data gathering from various sources and manually processing of this data leads to error and time consumption which in turn leads to bad customer experience. Using RPA in Claims Processing improves TAT and provides error free experience to users. RPA, De-dup and AML like processes have capability to detect right data to avoid fraud or suspicious activity.


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