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Hyperautomation for Business

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CogniBOT for business

A next generation BOT with AI and Hyperautomation features giving the best for businesses. CogniBot is a cognitive robot that can help in enterprise service administration and IT. It provides services on cloud as well as on premise.

Features of


  • Business users can record their activities and build workflow using drag-and-drop software with the hyperautomation platform's object capture/recorder capability.
  • To shorten the production time, it also offers the AutomationEdge Bot Store, a library of reusable pre-built robots/automation.
  • Pre-built automation for IT, HR, spreadsheet processing, ERP, CRM, AML, and other areas is available in the shop.
  • It offers centralised robot control through its robot farm architecture, built-in credentials vault, active directory integration, human-in-the-loop automation, dynamic load balancing, built-in robot performance analytics and process-level business intelligence, as well as integrations with its chat clients.

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Effective engagement with staff

Improve marketing and revenue

Increase collaboration with employees

Boost customer service


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